Why UX is Important?

If you understand your users you’ll be fine

UX means making every visitor feel like your website was built for them, because people are coming to your site with a specific goal in mind, it’s important that you help them quickly reach that goal.

It’s worth the time to sketch out the attributes of the visitors you care about: 

What they value, what their goals are, and what concerns might stop them from using your siteSome people call this type of sketch a persona.

So by making sure that your site helps people quickly orient themselves and work out whether you have the information they want, you make their lives easier. That makes them happier and therefore more willing to use your site in the future.

Organizing Content

So take the time to think about the best way of categorizing your content. Even if you’re working on an existing site, the sooner you create a good content model, sometimes called the information architecture, the sooner you can arrange your content in a way that makes sense to your users.

Site maps are normally people’s last resort when they’re looking for information. Once they’ve exhausted the navigation and search options, they will try the site map just in case the items they are looking for is magically in it.

Make sure that your site behaves the same way as other sites out there. Being kind to your users. The ways you differentiate your site from everyone else’s is by offering something unique in your content, not in the way your site is setup.

What’s unique about your blog is what you say and not how you present it. What’s unique about your portfolio is the design inspiration, not the site layout. Your ecommerce site structure can be the same as everyone else’s, as long as the products you sell are awesome. The structure of your Internet should fade into the background, so the information can be highlighted.

Simple design lets your visitors find the information they’re looking for quickly.Consistent design means your site’s navigation is easy to remember. And standard design makes the interaction easy to learn

By sticking to these three principles, you give visitors the fastest and easiest route to finding the information they are looking for.

if you understand your users and you’ll be fine

Source : Online Marketing Institute


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