Young Spikes 2014 – Integrated Media Category

The Young Spikes Digital Competition will challenge teams to create an Integrated Media campaign.Teams will be briefed by a client and expected to give a campaign to solve a problem.

This is my second chance to participate in Young Spikes Asia. The brief is to spread the awareness about Diabates among people in Indonesia.

Diabetes is among the world top silent killer disease , but in their golden age, young people think that they are “invincible”

On the other hand, young people care with their
Future well being..Let’s shake their faith of their invincibility, that their health is not long lasting.. We sent them an advice using different way and even that they might never think of.

Young Spikes 2014-Intan-Bagus


ZMOT of Digital Analytics

  1. People are connected to people
  2. There are 10 touch points before user decides to buy a product
  3. There is no absolute truth in attribution modelling
  4. Mobile provide us information and become the first touch points in terms buying decision
  5. Today consumers owns multiple devices and move seamlessly between them throughout the day
  6. We use an average of 3 different screen combinations  everyday

Source : Online Marketing Institute