Nitogram – A Tool To Measure Your Instagram Account


In December 2010, a little-known app for sharing photos with funky, retro filters announced it had signed up its millionth user. Fast forward two years, and Instagram is a social media titan, with more than 100 million users. Some 58 photos are uploaded to the service every second – Fortune

Today i found an interesting tool for Instagram. A tool to measure your Instagram account whether you are using an #hashtag or not. This tool is Nitogram.

Here is my thoughts toward Nitogram in specific site categories offered :

1. Homepage : Super clear with the soft layout. Metrics offered is very simple as what Instagram features does in their platform.

2. Insights : Basically in this page you are eligible to know your total likes, comments on each photos.

3. Engagement : Here you can see your daily / monthly / yearly engagement basis with your users/followers and it sums up in a line chart which can make you easily analyze the peak or a trend of your Instagram account.

Unfortunately they don’t have a main feature like “follower growth”. For Brand, This feature is the most improtant thing beside the usage of the #hashtag…Maybe later.

For Pricing you can check it here 
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